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Chapter 2: Of Death and Madness

Chapter 2

Sirius looked to the right and found the source of the voice, a rather scrawny teenaged boy with unkempt black hair. The boy’s face lit up when he saw Sirius; the kid practically jumped out of his seat, almost knocking it to the floor, in his rush to run over to Sirius. The boy threw his arms around Sirius’ waist in a tight hug. Sirius was startled by this burst of sudden affection from anyone, let alone a stranger.

“SIRIUS! I knew you’d come back!”

Apparently this kid knows me, Sirius thought to himself, completely caught off-guard.

As quickly as he had run over, the boy stopped hugging him in a flash and drew back. “How’d you get out of the veil? What are you doing here, Sirius?” The boy asked, his tone reproving. “How did you get here, especially in the middle of the night and all?”

“Um—what? Veil—?”

“I knew you were OK! I just knew it!”

“Uh, I—”

“Why didn’t you contact me? You let me be miserable all summer! You didn’t tell me where you were or if you were or OK or that you were coming!” The boy admonished in a rush. “Why didn’t you tell me Sirius?”

Sirius was confused; not only did this boy seemed to know him, and quite well, but he was peppering Sirius with a mixture of so many questions and reproaches that it made Sirius’ head swim. He felt as if he had just been thrust into a play where everyone knew what was going on except him, yet he was expected to know and recite back lines he didn’t know he had. Sirius’ head began to hurt.

“Who are y—” Sirius began, but stopped mid-sentence, mouth dropping open in shock. He gasped, as he saw the boy clearly in the only light in Gryffindor common room, coming from a small table lamp. The boy was observing him with brilliant green eyes sparkling from behind a pair of wire-rimmed glasses. Sirius knew those eyes…and he knew that hair!

“Hey!” He announced to James, Lily, Remus, and Miranda, who he heard getting up from the floor where they’d fallen. “Get a load of this! It’s like a mini-Prongs!”

They boy detached himself from Sirius and looked at Sirius peculiarly. “You look different somehow….” He frowned, affixing Sirius with an all-too-familiar piercing stare. “You look younger…” The boy let out a loud yelp as he saw James, Lily, Remus, and Miranda getting to their feet behind Sirius. They were shrouded in shadow, and probably did look mighty freaky, Sirius would have wagered.

“What’re you talking about Pads?” James asked, stepping forward, into the light from the lamp, and peering curiously at Harry. “Whoa.” James felt a sudden chill wash over him as he gleaned a look of what was appeared to be his mirror image, only a few inches shorter.

The boy’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped, while tears glistened in his eyes. “Prongs…” He whispered, drawing away, a look of fear edging into his brilliant green eyes. “No…this is…I must be…no…” He muttered to himself, his color fading completely from his face.

“Hey, kid, you OK?” Sirius asked, concernedly, stepping closer, only to have the kid flinch and draw back even more.

“Oh, is it your kid, James?” Lily asked, coming forward into the light as well. “How cool!”

The boy let out another yelp. “Dad? Mum?”

James and Lily exchanged a very confused look.

“Dad?” James echoed.

“Mum?” Lily asked at the same time.

“Oh, no…I must be going mad…”

“That makes two of us.” James muttered, gaping at the boy.

“Are you sure you’re OK, kid?” Sirius asked.

The boy had clasped his hands to his face and was shaking his head from side to side, fear evident in ever aspect of his face. “How is this possible? They’re all…and I’m seeing…I am going mad!”

“Whoa, calm down, no one’s going mad.” Sirius interjected. “At least not yet…”

“You sure about that, Pads?” James commented, shaking his head in much the same disbelieving gesture as the boy.

“I’m feeling pretty out-of-it myself…” Lily stated, her voice barely more than a hushed whisper.

“NO ONE IS GOING MAD!” Sirius roared. “OK? Just…just calm down!” Sirius added, his voice quavering.

“But I’m seeing…I can’t be seeing…I must be...oh no! Am I dead?”

“Lily, please help! I can’t be the voice of reason here.”

“But I—I don’t know what to say…” She replied softly, looking unsteady on her feet.

“Well, you look pretty alive to me.” Sirius haltingly responded to the boy, coming over to put a calming arm around the boy’s shoulders.

“Yeah, he does.” Remus added kindly, coming right up next to him. “Appears to be breathing and corporeal…so I too would wager that you’re probably not dead.”

The boy jumped and gaped at Remus for a full minute before he fell into a dead faint. His body and brain, suddenly assaulted by an overload of stimuli in the form of three people he had known to be dead, and the entrance of another who could not possibly be standing in front of him on a night of the full moon. Not being able to handle so much of a stress to his system in a span of only a few minutes, his eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out.
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